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 Rules please read before posting

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PostSubject: Rules please read before posting   Tue Sep 20, 2011 7:45 am

We would appreciate if you would read and abide by the following pointers. All we are really asking is that you show respect and tolerance for your fellow gamers as we are a diverse community from all walks of society with one thing in common:
We all enjoy Gaming!

1. Personal attacks in any form will not be tolerated on forum members . Anyone doing so will be suspended/banned . This applies to all forms of communication, post, pm's, etc.
If someone posts what you feel is a personal attack against you, do not reply. Report the incident to staff, who will deal with the situation. They'll also inform you what, if any action was taken to resolve the issue.

2. No spamming, advertising , pornography or NSFW content is permitted on the site.

3. Topics of a political or religious nature are not to be discussed on this forum. Such posts will be locked/deleted.

4. This site is for mature gamers so please act like one.

5. All posts must be written in english, admins/mods also reserve the right to delete/modify any posts they deem inappropriate or combative (including swearing etc).

6. As a member of the community your online actions reflect on this site , any member bringing Warmetal into disrepute whether by scripting/cheating will result in instant ban from the forum if proven guilty with photographic evidence, simply saying he is a cheat could result in you being banned instead.

7. Have fun. Very Happy
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Rules please read before posting
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